Partners we work with

Fidelity Financial Consultancy works with reputable business partners in areas in which we do not have the expertise in-house. We have known and worked with these partners for many years and highly recommend their services. 


Do you have a subsidiary in the Netherlands or are you planning to setup a business entity in the Netherlands? Fidelity Financial Consultancy can give you professional support via our partner Smart Finance Expert (SFE). The owner of SFE is Rene van Schajik, an experienced Dutch banker. SFE can help you with setting up a legal entity, bookkeeping, payroll, opening bank accounts and to obtain financing like a regular bank loan, asset based financing or via crowdfunding which can be a great marketing tool for selling your products or services.

You can also contact SFE for support with personal needs such as finding a house, dentist, etc. See also


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