What our clients say

"I contacted Fidelity Financial Consultancy LLC to help Meever USA Inc with obtaining a working capital facility that could support the rapid growth of our business. Being a foreign-owned company made it hard for us to get this done on our own. Fidelity Financial Consultancy LLC presented our business case to several banks with solutions that would mitigate certain risks that are associated with and inherent to foreign-owned businesses. A few banks came through with a term sheet and Erik negotiated with these banks to get better conditions. Ultimately we made our final selection and received a bank loan with excellent conditions and pricing which we would not have gotten if we had not hired Fidelity Financial Consultancy LLC. They understands how banks in the USA work, speak their language and have a great financial network to tap into. Meever USA Inc highly recommends their consultancy services."
Jeroen Koelewijn
President, Meever USA Inc
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