Fidelity Financial Consultancy

We'd love to talk to you and get your banking issues taken care of. Please see our services below.

Our Services

Open bank accounts

We manage the opening of bank accounts at local US banks from selecting a bank to signing the account agreement.

Arrange financing

We give support in fulfilling your financing needs, contact multiple banks in our network, draft presentation to banks and help structuring the deal to make banks more comfortable with the perceived risk of foreign-owned companies.


We offer consultancy services in the area of bank account structure, financing structure, or general management consultancy* in areas such as HR, Legal, Tax, etc.

*in cooperation with our third party partners

Bank negotiations

We negotiate with the bank on your behalf to get you the services you really need and to lower your monthly cost and/or increase the return on the balances in your account.

Request for Proposal

We will draft RFP’s on your behalf to send to banks and help select the right bank for you based on capabilities, price and reputation.

Notary Services

We cooperate with a duly sworn and commissioned Notary Public in the State of New York.

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